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Offshore Branding in Colombia

Working offshore with an agile agency like TAOCB can be highly beneficial.


Colombia is known for its technical competence, offering top-notch marketing, branding, and communication services at competitive rates.

This can significantly boost the profitability of US companies through cost-effective solutions, access to a high-quality talent pool, and a strategic geographical location


Yes, Colombian companies like TAOCB can legally operate and export marketing and branding services to the USA. The Colombian government encourages foreign investment and supports the outsourcing industry, providing a favorable business environment for such operation.

Yes, the USA company can be legally invoiced and pay by bank transfer in USD currency. Colombia imposes no foreign exchange controls on trade, and the Colombian peso is convertible, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Yes, there is a significant number of Colombians who have the B1/B2 visa. This visa covers a range of business activities, including attending business meetings or consultations, participating in business conventions or conferences, and negotiating contracts. Additionally, Colombian citizens are eligible for the Global Entry program, which expedites the entry process into the United States.

Offshore locations, particularly TAOCB, are known for their highly qualified and technically competent and professional workforce. This means that USA companies can access top-notch marketing, branding, and communications services at an invaluable rate in comparison with USA prices, further boosting their profitability.

Yes, there are several benefits for USA companies, including cost-effective solutions, access to a high-quality talent pool, strategic geographical location, cultural affinity, and bilingual capabilities. American companies can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals by hiring talented companies. These TAOCB tend to innovate and help elevate existing operations, providing advanced services that can enhance the company's market position.

By offshoring support tasks, U.S. companies can focus more on their core business activities. This can lead to increased productivity and efficiency.

A team with multicultural expertise and language skills can enhance branding strategies by providing broad perspectives and effective communication in different languages.


Yes, TAOCB is well-equipped to assist US companies with market research in Latin America. Our extensive knowledge and seasoned partners provide us with access to detailed import and export data, allowing us to deliver an outstanding presentation of the most relevant information and trends for your business.

Additionally, we offer professional survey services in Colombia, enabling us to gather valuable insights from the local customer base. Whether you need comprehensive market research or targeted customer surveys, TAOCB is here to support your business in navigating the Latin American market successfully.

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